Natural Environment = Misery

[from Monsieru Gary Cziko 960218.2350 GMT]

MONSIEUR REMI COTE 960217.1700 EST said:

What I am saying is that human are in bigger stress, bigger discrepancy,
"Reference - input" of human in artificial environement > "Reference -
input" of animal in natural environement. And I must add to be precise
that I am pointing to higher level of control loop.

"During the minute it takes me to compose this sentence, thousands of
animals are being eaten alive; others are running for their lives,
whimpering with fear; others are being slowly devoured from within by
rasping parasites; thousands of all kinds are dying of starvation, thirst
and disease. It must be so. If there is ever a time of plenty, this very
fact will automatically lead to an increase in population until the natural
state of starvation and misery is restored."

Dawkins, Richard. (1995). _River out of Eden: A Darwinian view of life_.
New York: BasicBooks. (p. 132)