Net God Meeting Report

[From Bruce Abbott (950518.1040 EST)]

Not many people get to meet a genuine Net God, and having done so, I can
tell you from personal experience not only that He exists, but that His
talents range far beyond working Net Miracles. He writes books, composes
songs, plays musical instruments, sings, and does all sorts of other neat
stuff when he's not doing Net God things, and still has time for running,
bicycle racing, and playing host to His subjects. Of course, nobody's
perfect, not even a Net God (I hope He didn't hear that!), but the other
drivers on the road are probably used to Gary's erratic driving by now. Or
maybe Gary was just trying to illustrate how living control systems are able
to deal with unpredictable disturbances...

I got to take a look at a few of Gary's CSG-related video tapes, so I now
know what at least a few of you look like. Gary said that I look a bit like
Dag Forssell. I have to admit that there is some resemblance, although I
tend to carry a bit more weight that Dag does, judging from the tape.

On Tuesday afternoon Greg Williams and Bill Williams arrived, and Clark
McPhail and his wife joined us for a delicious dinner served by Gary's wife,
Carol. Together we had what amounted to a mini csg conference. On
Wednesday morning I got to show off some of the programs we've been posting
on csg-l, and then it was time to go. It was great to meet with everyone
and chat about our common interest. I had a wonderful time.