New CSG Lists; Invitation to Applied Discussion

[from Gary Cziko 950725.0524 GMT]

At the recently concluded CSG annual meeting, it was decided to set up
another list (network) for those PCTers primarily interested in the
APPLICATION of Perceptual Control Theory. Since we are about to move csg-l
to another machine, this is a good time to think about names for the lists.

At the meeting it was suggested to use csgnet for the current list and
csgapp for the applications. But I am now thinking that it might be better
to have more "neutral" names so that we could use them for other special
topics if the need arose.

So how about simply "csgnet1" for the current list and "csgnet2" for the
new applications list?

I probably won't be able to make these changes and set up the new list
until the first full week of August. But in the meantime, how about the
applications people who were at the meeting starting up some discussion and
posting to the current list? I can have these posts moved over to csgnet2
(or whatever it will be called) when the new list is set up.--Gary

P.S. I had said earlier that the new machine addres for csgnet would be, but I am now trying to get rid of the "po." If I can do this
and we decide to go with the "1" and "2" labels, the new addresses would
be: (basic list), and (applied list).

People already on the current list would be automatically placed on
csgnet1. People wanting to be on csgnet2 instead (or in addition) will
have to subscribe to csgnet2.

Comments and suggestions welcome. I will keep you informed of