New Dutch website for MOL and PCT

Dear all,

I’d like to introduce you to our new website,, introducing PCT and Method of Levels therapy to a Dutch audience. I designed the website and will maintain it in the future, in close collaboration with Ger Schurink, who has been teaching MOL for the last couple of years. We work together on organising training for psychologists, psychology students and interested therapists, youth workers etc who are willing and able to learn about MOL and PCT.
We also plan to provide prospective clients with a list of MOL therapists.

In this website, we aim to bring the knowledge of PCT and MOL to the Dutch-speaking public. We adhere to Open Science principles and will share as much as possible of our work under a creative commons licence. Unfortunately for most of you, the website is in Dutch but feel free to nose around and use google translate. We welcome your comments.

The future will bring more articles explaining PCT principles so feel free to check in now and then. I also link to PCT articles and books in English after a short Dutch introduction.

The site and logo are my design, referring to petroglyphs that I love to discover on travels. These ancient drawings connect human experience over thousands of years.




Brava! Or bravi, both of you. Beautifully done!