New Perceptual Functions proposal (was Re: Reinforcement Learning)

[From Dag Forssell 2017.10.18 19:10 PDT)]

[Bruce Nevin 2017.10.17.08:46


Rick Marken (2017.10.17.0840) –

RM: I think I recall there being a reorganizing version of this demo
but I can’t seem to find it. If anyone has access to it please let us
know about it.�

Well, the files Rick offers from Dropbox have been posted at
since 2004.

You can tell from the footer of Rick’s pdf file.

A search of the CSGnet archive for MultiControlPrj.exe yields

[From Bill Powers (2011.11.03.1015 MDT)] with more comments,

followed by two posts, one by Rick and one by Martin.

Searching the archive for multicontrol yields more, including a post
titled Multiple Control Reorganization from 2003, the year the program
was created.

Searching for multiple control yields too much.

Does anyone ever look at the resource sites dedicated to PCT?

I guess not. There are several listed at under

Best, Dag