no witnesses - RKC

[From Bob Clark (930620.08:45 pm EDT)]

Bruce Nevin (930614.06:57:04)

You refer to the _Closed Loop_ item 3.2:49 about left-handed
ball-throwing. You speak of my "analytically replicating the
familiar sequence." To me, there was no analysis -- rather I was
carefully observing the detailed sequence of movements, including the
timing, putting them together to form an identifiable procedure.

Your remark about witnesses and "self consciousness" as usually
conceived, is generally pertinent -- but in this case, I had to
really concentrate strongly on what I was doing. Any kind of
distraction would have, I think, made it impossible.

Try something like this yourself. A simple version is the old bit
about rubbing your stomach while patting your head - and vice versa.

Regards, Bob Clark