non-repro blues

(Gary Cziko 920818.1453) --

to be consistent you should also be leaving messages for yourself on your
answering machine

We could have a lot of fun with the comparison between CSG-L and and
answering machine, but I'll refrain. The analogy is a poor one.

I can identify two pertinent aims:

     1. I want a copy of messages I send to CSG-L. I want to be able to
         go back and reconstruct the context if someone responds in part.
  This is what is disanalogous to a message on an answering machine.
  It is analogous instead to keeping a copy of a letter.

     2. I want verification that my message was delivered. Experience
        recommends it. This is analogous to sending registered mail.

I can satisfy (1) by sending myself a cc of each message.

I can satisfy (2) to a degree by some other command (I'll have to look
it up so I can turn it off now) that makes the listserver send me a
notice of distribution.

However, seeing a report of its action is much less convincing than
seeing the results of its action in my mailbox file--much easier to
believe that the same results appear in everybody else's mail handler.
And the repro command combines 1 and 2 with the setting of one variable.

I'm not trying to persuade anyone else to use repro. Some of us asked
how to do this and it seemed we couldn't. Some of us I guess see
neither use nor sense in it. But heavens, let's describe it accurately!

Too much time as a tech writer, I guess :slight_smile: