Oxford Talk

[From Rick Marken (2004.06.14.2030)

Bill Powers (2004.06.08.1453 MDT)

Best wishes for your presentation at Oxford!

A belated thank you. I think the talk went well. At least I think it was a
pretty good talk and I did a reasonably good job of presenting PCT. At
least nobody left before it was over.

I will note that Richard Kennaway was nice enough to come to the talk. And
it was _particularly_ nice of him to come to Oxford since it required that
he made a 4 hour trip to see a 1 1/2 hour talk, but it was really great to
see him. And he contributed some very good answers to some people's
questions at the end of the talk.

I'm in London now. I'll give you a full report on the Oxford talk when I
get home this weekend.



[From Bill Powers (2004.06.16.1205 MDT)]

Rick Marken (2004.06.14.2030) --

Good news from Oxford. I'm very glad that Richard could attend. Looking
forward to hearing more.


Bill P.

Phil Runkel to Rick Marken:

I look forward eagerly to the full report of your trip to England.