packages for museum

[From Dick Robertson,2007.08.30.1839CDT]

Hi Dag,

On Tuesday I finally sent off to you by UPS two packs of materials -- papers
from Haimowoods conferences, other articles by CSG members.

Hope it proves worth it, and it is stuff that you don't already have. There
probably is a lot of redundancy in the materials already in the museum..

One thing I didn't send, but could bring along some time to a meeting, is a box
with a lever and a "Real Time Devices" manual that either Bill or Tom put
together for running some of Tom's early experiments. I know that I did run it a
long time ago. I think it worked off a game card, and I suspect it would have to
be on a machine that still has DOS.

Anyway, hope all is well with you. I imagine you are going to attend the
memorial for PHil on Sept. 21, aren't you? I would like to also, but don't know
if I can swing it. Can't seem to find any airfare under 500. Just in case, do
you know of any good, but cheap hotels anywhere nearby in that area? What part
of town is Phil and Claire's home located in? Maybe I could do a search myself.


Dick R