Passing of David Wolsk

[From Kenny Kitzke (2005.04.27)]

I was very saddened to see this report. I had corresponded privately with David concerning my concept of “The Twelfth Level” and how it relates to a more comprehensive understanding of human nature. My last communication from him was as follows:


Thanks for your detailed reply. I’m in full agreement with all you
wrote, especially your analysis of why PCT has been such a failure
getting more widely accepted.

In mid May, I’m off to The Hague for a colloquium (about 80
participants) called: Building the Scientific Mind. I’m doing a
presentation based on a human behaviour instructional approach I
developed for Unesco many, many years ago. I’m looking forward to it
as it will include a number of participants with interesting
backgrounds. I’ll be touting PCT wherever appropriate.

best wishes,

David will not make that conference. I had encouraged him to come to the CSG Conference in Toronto too. I had hoped to meet him. Neither conference will come to pass for David. Life is truly like a vapor. It can disappear quickly and abort any future goals we have constructed in our perceptual reference hierarchy. And, unfortunately, we have one less person doing any “touting” of PCT.

I had tried to put David in touch with my friend Richard Thurman because of their interest in learning and instructional design. I guess that never came to pass.

The other tidbit I will share about David was, as an atheist, he found my concept of a Twelfth Level and a human capability I call the human spirit (beyond any physical body nature and beyond any mental mind/nervous system nature) congruent with his perception of his own humaness. This is what he wrote to me on March 27, 2005:

"Thanks Kenneth. While you watched the basketball game, I read your
paper. I like it and agree with it’s basic premises, etc. Although
I’m an atheist, I do believe I have a 12th level that provides much
guidance and satisfaction … and, occasional frustration and fury.

I just finished an interesting book, “Confessions of an Economic Hit
Man” by John Perkins. There’s lots of 12th level stuff in it.
I hope Wisconsin triumphed."

Well, Wisconsin lost. I had hoped to talk with David about how he perceived the Twelfth Level as “providing guidance and satisfaction” in his life. That won’t be possible now. I am wondering if anyone is familiar with the Perkins book and what it might imply about a 12th level? I want to read it myself, especially now with David’s passing, but I seem inundated with other things to control in my own Twelfth Level.

I will pass on my condolences privatey to David’s daughters and wife.


In a message dated 4/26/2005 3:19:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, davidwolsk@SHAW.CA writes:


On April 7, 2005, David wrote:

To all the people that have been communicating with my father, David

This is to inform you that my father has passed away. He died a week
ago from a massive stroke.
He died peacefully and in harmony with his own beliefs and wishes.

We want to thank you all for your participation in his ideas, hopes and
dreams for a better world. I know that the big circle of people that
corresponded with him through the years meant everything to him, being
able to communicate with likewise thinking people around the globe was
what made his own creative thinking meaningful. The everyday dialogue
through email, meetings, workshops, conferences and work situations,
was a daily joy and inspiration.
Thank you all.
If you have any messages to the family then please send them to me.

Thank you kindly,
Julie Wolsk Bentzon and Nina Wolsk, his daughters
and his wife Ingrid Wolsk

In loving memory of
Dr. David Wolsk
Associate, Centre for Global Studies
Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Education
University of Victoria, Canada