Patrick Smith Introduction

Hello! As you see, I am new to the list. Came here on the suggestion of Dr. Kennaway.

I am an experimental behavioral psychologist working on human motor performance and learning and got turned on to PCT through a search for research into the value of error repetition in motor control development. After I finish this introduction post I plan on deep diving this list, but if any of you wonderful people might point me in a useful direction I’d be forever grateful.

My current research has participants attempting the same putt ALOT and I’m looking for an analytic method that investigates within subject changes in putt outcome over time specific to consistency of errors. I’m trying to clarify if there is differential impact on the terminal outcome of making the putt if the participant repeats the same error (e.g. misses to the left with the same speed consecutively) versus different errors (e.g. misses to the left and then misses to the right with the same speed, or same angle but different speed, etc).

My field of expertise is Behavior Analysis so I’m not quite sure what PCT keywords or concepts are good starting points. Any help here?

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Patrick, I started a topic on this here. It occurs to me that you might not have got notice of it, and I don’t have an email address for you.

Bruce, I did get a notification and promptly setup notifications for each of the following posts on that thread. I’ve been reading the replies with much interest. I also read the linked paper and reached out directly to the author as well as chased the lead about frequency domain analysis. I really appreciate it! Thank you.

If you need to reach me direct, my first name and last initial will get you to my inbox. No spaces or characters in between name and initial.

Oh, good! How this topic develops may be largely up to you. I don’t anticipate any need to email you directly, but who knows. Anyway, welcome, and good fortune. And, yes, stay well.