PCT Conflict

[From Rick Marken (931201.1500)]

Bruce Nevin (Wed 93121 12:04:12 EST) --

Rick, I too was explaining Annie's conflict from a PCT perspective.

It sure doesn't seem like it to me. Get a hold of Kent's paper on
conflict. That might help.

I've tried twice over the past three days to post a reply to Ed Ford on
"Conflict". I have not gotten an ACK on it from the net. Did you see it?
If not, I'll try again. I think that it is VERY important to understand
conflict from a PCT perspective -- and two of the best ways to get this
understanding are 1) to experience the phenomenon (in a demo like my
Hypercard conflict stack) and 2) to watch a PCT model of conflict in
action. One model is worth 10^5 words.

I also asked a year or two
ago how to get your spreadsheet models, Rick, but got no answer.

I think some version is available on Silvert's listserver. But I'll
be happy to send you a SYLK copy of the current EXCEL version. I know
that my Mac EXCEL version runs on a PC (in EXCEL). It might run in
Lotus, too; I'm not sure. I haven't maintained the Lotus version.
Do you have EXCEL?