PCT & EEG Biofeedback

David Goldstein (2014.12.15.1601)

On Sunday, I did EEG Biofeedback. My eyes were closed. Sensors were placed at five locations--T3, T4, Fpz, Oz, Cz. When my brain was producing alpha waves at these locations in synchrony, a light would flash and a sound would would happen. The light and sound would last as long as the synchrony would last.

I could see the light through my eyelids.

The goal of the training is to learn how to produce synchronous alpha.

In this case, the light and sound are the environmental aspects which I am trying to control.
I want to see more more light and hear more sound. When I learn to do this, I will be controlling the state of my brain.

There are therapeutic benefits to being able to do this .

Rather than something outside of me, I am trying to control something inside of me.

I thought that this experience would be interesting in light of the current CSG topic.



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