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Sorry Richard,

I somehow missed your post. Good point.

RP : “The bottom line is that we do things, behave, and control in order to achieve and maintain desired perceptual states”.

HB : This is exactly what is going on if we “observe” what is happening to us. Nobody can miss that. Actual perception is all the time matching reference perception. That’s exactly what diagram LCS III is showing and what definitions of control are presenting. I posted my proposal more than 50 x.

But rare members agree with me and my proposal. And Powers ladies didn’t confirm that they agree. If they would agree I’m sure that many things could change on CSGnet or wherever discussions about PCT are going on. Important is that we preserve original PCT. And I think that LCS III diagram and definitions of control (B:CP) quite exactly show the essence of Bill Powers PCT and so they should be presented in any discussion about PCT. And of course explained in proper manner.

The question is how we achieve and maintain perceptual states? How we do things, behave, and control in order to achieve and maintain perceptual states ?

With behavioral control of “controlled variables” in outer environment as mostly members on CSGnet think ? See previous recent discussions. Even Martin and Earling agreed with such a nonsensce Rick is presenting all the time after Bill passed away. Although I’m sure that they both understand the essence of PCT if they want to. At least from time to time they show it. The same goes for Rick. I just can’t understand why they agree with something that is just “ilussion”.

But of course another problem is how PCT organism function in 191 diagram. Although I think Earling is much closer to the right solution than anybody on CSGnet. And Bob Hintz. Beside me of course :blush:. My discussion with Bill (august 2009) caused that Bill changed diagram 191 (B:CP, 2005). If I die before “arrow” is explained, I don’t know if anybody on CSGnet will ever understand what originally “arrow” was about.


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For your info and possible sharing.


For what it’s worth, I agree that what we control are “perceptual states.” However, when we control our perceptions, we are controlling our perceptions of something. The “something” is referred to in one of Bill’s diagrams as the “Input Quantity” and elsewhere as the “controlled variable” or CV. I refer to the Input Quantity as the “Target Variable.” Our actions do indeed serve to control our perceptions but to do that our actions have to affect that which we perceive.



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