PCT Research - silent worker(s)

[From Wolfgang Zocher (950515.1330 MESZ)]
  From Rick Marken (950508.1330)

Hi, Rick,

.... PCT research team. I'm sure there are others, besides
Dick, who I have unfairly left off the list.

Yes, indeed. I'm a silent worker since I don't have the time to participate
discussions in csg-net; I don't have the time to read the bunch of articles
in csg-net. I have to concentrate on my own works at home. I have a job and
my company (computing centre) prefers it if I work for them and they pay me
to do so. My family prefers it if I don't spend all _free_ time with my
analog etc. My every-day morning and late-evening employment is PCT - but -
it's very hard to make some progress in research with only one or two hours
per day as _research-time_ !! My work steadily goes on and it will reach a
satisfying end. I'm sure about that !


Wolfgang Zocher