PCTDEMOS disk v. February

[From Dag Forssell (940202 1030)] Bill Leach 01 Feb 1994 18:46:24



I echo Dag Forssell's question about your computing facilities ...

I think I must have missed his question -- sri Dag. It probably came up
while I was "subscribed via two different networks for testing purposes".

Bill, the above is how many of your quotes and answers look like.
Sometimes it is less clear where the quote ends and your comment begins.
Some people use only one > to indicate an entire paragraph of quote. I
will find it helpful if you insert a hard return for clarity as shown:


I echo Dag Forssell's question about your computing facilities ...

I think I must have missed his question -- sri Dag. It probably came up
while I was "subscribed via two different networks for testing purposes".
That proved to be hectic!

Bill sometimes mixes up names. I asked Jim Dundon about his computer and
offered a courtesy demodisk. I'll extend the same offer to you, since
you are an active contributor, but will cash check if you send one. I
do need snail mail address and a "yes, please."

The demodisk does not require ANY programming, just a simple DOS
computer. Many of the programs require a mouse.

NEW UPGRADE v. February 1994

The February edition will be ready tomorrow, when I expect to receive the
latest version of CROWD from Bill Powers -- which does not require a math
co-processor in the computer. Other changes in the February release are
a refinement by Rick in the MINDREAD program, reducing the scatter of
numbers on the screen so it is harder to tell which number is being
controlled, and an improved description for the program. I have also
gone over the PCTDOCS, cut or edited some to make space for some recent

I have mailed five paid ($10) copies of the disk and 20 courtesy copies
(I control for being a nice guy some of the time). I will send upgrades
to the paid supporters but not to the courtesy gang, with the obvious
exception of the archive, Bill P., and, for the first time, Bill Silvert,
who, if he agrees, will add the entire disk to the BIOME listserver.
(See CSGintro document posted by Gary once a month).

From the READ_1ST.TXT file:

This disk holds several executable demonstration programs and documents
in separate directories as shown:

A:\ Floppy disk drive. (This READ_1ST.TXT).

---ARM1\ Little Man version 1. With explanations.
---ARM2\ Little Man version 2. With instructions.
  `SOURCE\ Source code for Little Man version 2.
---CROWD\ Crowd program. With instructions.
---DEMO1\ Self-guided control theory tutorial #1.
---DEMO2\ Self-guided control theory tutorial #2.
---ECOLI\ Simulation of bacterial chemotaxis.
---MINDREAD\ The computer reads your mind. Test for control.
---PCTDOCS\ Explanations and discussion from the CSGnet.
---SIMCON\ Simulating analog control. With tutorial text.

`---SPRDSHT\ Hierarchical control simulation. With explanation.
    `ASEASY\ A shareware spreadsheet.

Each directory holds a self-extracting archive file which holds files
and programs in a compressed, space saving form.

Each directory also holds a file with initial instructions, named the
same as the directory and with the extension .RD. (For example ARM1.RD).
Read this file first, using your wordprocessor or the DOS EDIT utility.

The .RD file explains the function of the third file in each
directory, which is an INSTALL?.BAT file provided as an option.

The DEMODISK comes as a 3 1/2 1.44 MB disk, but is also available as two
5 1/4 1.2 MB disks. The disk can easily be broken down (by you or me)
into several low density disks, and I am willing to do that if someone
with an XT computer needs it. The disk or disks may be freely copied.
I ask for $10 to mail it to you by air, worldwide.

Dag and Christine Forssell Purposeful Leadership
23903 Via Flamenco Valencia, California 91355-2808 USA
Phone (805) 254-1195 Fax (805) 254-7956
Internet: dforssell@mcimail.com MCI mail: 474-2580

<Bill Leach 03 Feb 199401:02:21

[From Dag Forssell (940202 1030)]


Ok, sri 'bout that. I really did not think about the fact that some
people do not ">" in front of each line and thus my lack of a blank line
is confusing.

I have a strong tendency to try to quote only enough for a memory
"trigger" os my quotes are often only one line.

I appreciate the offer of the demo disk but it is probably not of much
use to me as the only DOS machine I have is just a notebook, no mouse and
better than half the time it is on loan to someone that uses DOS

I will try compiling some of the source and see if there is any hope for
me to start coming up to speed on these programs.