Perception and PCT: Martin, please be sure to reply to this after Oslo!

[From Rick Marken (2008.04.11.1710)]

Bill Powers (2008.04.11.1329 MDT)--

>Martin Taylor 2008.

You won't see this for some weeks, but I thought I'd unload my comments
before I forget them.

I hope Martin doesn't forget to reply. I would really like to hear his
answer since we both seem to be on the same page, puzzlement-wise. I
think I'll add a little note to the subject line so that Martin
catches it on his return from the land of Grieg.

> There's no necessary relationship. You can have high information
> transmission with zero correlation, but not high correlation with low
> information transmission.
So if the variations in p are not related to the variations in qi, there
can still be a large amount of information in p about qi? That sounds
paradoxical and I don't understand it.

It sounds that way to me, too, as noted in my reply to this same
comment in my previous post. I would really like to hear what Martin
has in mind. I hope this doesn't get forgotten.




Richard S. Marken PhD