Phenomena prerequisite to research

@rsmarken, I just elevated the Phenomena category to be a top-level peer with the Research category. It was buried as a subcategory of Fundamentals. I had in mind your oft-repeated urging that we start with phenomena before research (and before speculation). The two categories can then have the same subcategories in parallel—phenomenon X here, research on X there. How does the new text of the ‘about’ topic sit with you?

Hi Bruce

Thanks for moving this Phenomena category to a more prominent position. Here’s my suggestion for a description of this topic:

The basic phenomenon explained by PCT is the behavior of organisms. According to PCT (and the title of Powers’ first book describing the theory ) behavior is the control of perception. This Phenomena category welcomes descriptions of interesting (or everyday) examples of behavior and speculations about the kinds of perceptions around which these behaviors are organized. Proposals regarding how to test these speculations are also encouraged.

Of course, feel free to tune up the language if you think it’s needed.

Best, Rick