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Hello everyone!

I am new to the PCT community and I’m very enthusiastic about learning more as quickly as I can! :slight_smile:

I have already made great connections in the community. I’m grateful for their willingness to share their experiences and help me navigate this journey.

I graduated from UNC Wilmington (Psychology BA), UNC Charlotte (Counseling MA), and Univ of South Carolina (MBA). I’ve been searching for ways to help people in their search for meaningful lives and forming connections to the people and places they care about.

PCT entered my life through a book by E. Perry Good that cited William T Powers as an influence.

I started reading about the theory and I’ve been extremely excited about contributing my own energies towards furthering our understanding and potential acceptance of PCT into a greater level of general awareness.

To wrap up, I’m interested in pursuing a PhD and studying PCT as a researcher, but I’m not a naturally talented researcher because I tend to be more entrepreneurial and “gut-driven” in my actions. I would love to have help from a mentor or supporter that can help balance out my personal shortcomings, so that I can best contribute to PCT and hopefully make a valuable contribution to our world. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading!



Hi Philip!
Welcome to the forum! I’m happy you took the plunge into PCT and into this forum as a way to get started.
To my experience the PCT’ish way of approaching these kind of career choices would be not to plan extensively. Just start somewhere, keep your senses and mind open, and follow where your sense of control takes you. Planning is just one level of control, and the bigger life choices need to be informed by the more ‘feeling’ quality of control of principles. Such as ‘does this feel right to me?’. ‘Is this the kind of knowledge that helps me further?’. Your ‘gut-driven’ way of thinking may very well align with that. :slight_smile:

I hope other members of this forum will be able to suggest ideas for the pursuit of PhD’s in our field. Maybe @wmansell has ideas on where to get started on this?

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Hello Phil,

Welcome to the forum!

As a person deeply interested in PCT and an author of a book that highlights PCT (Your Behavior, 2017), if you ever need feedback on any of your writings about PCT (papers, dissertation proposal, etc), I’d be happy to be a reader and reviewer. I don’t feel qualified to be a mentor or significant research guide, but put me on your list if you would like editorial feedback on some of your writings about PCT as they are produced.

With Regards,
Richard (alias “Rich”) Pfau, Ph.D.**

Thank you Richard!

I appreciate your support. :slight_smile: One of my personal goals is to become more of a writer and to become more disciplined in my approach to learning. I’ve been learning “a mile wide and an inch deep” for a couple of years now and it’s a hard habit to break! :slight_smile:

Welcome Phil!