Post to CSGnet not showing up

[From Dag Forssell (2014 13:00 PDT)]

Bruce, you wrote me privately, but I think it appropriate to answer you
on CSGnet.
Hi Dag,
How do I tell the listserv to send me a copy of my posts? After
Rick removed and restored my subscription to CSGnet I’m not getting any
feedback that my posts have actually been posted – unless someone replies
to them. (Now isn’t that ironic: no feedback on CSGnet!)
Best wishes,
BruceSo Rick terminated you too :slight_smile:

I suggest going to

Log in (top of page) with your email address (the one you use for CSGnet
if you have more than one) and password. You took notes once upon a time,
right? If not, I think the server will mail it to you or a mail that
allows you to set a new one.

Seems to me you can also enter CSGnet in the space for Search lists on
the left.

I got a window and clicked on Subscriber Options:


Click on Help to the right of Receiving mode: I suspect yours is set to
“Not me”.

standard (direct reception) works for me. Click on Update.

Hope this helps.

Best, Dag