Private and Public postings

[Martin Taylor 931228 13:10]

On several occasions in recent months, I have sent private messages to
various people commenting on things they have posted to the net. I have
done this because I thought that the topics covered were peripheral to
or even irrelevant to the advancement of PCT. On several of these
occasions, the recipient has asked that the discussion be returned to
the public medium of CSG-L, and some have asked for permission to quote
from private postings.

(1) I hereby grant blanket permission for anyone to quote on CSG-L any
technical material from a private message of mine. This permission does
NOT extend to personal references to other people, whether favourable or

(2) I intend to continue to communicate privately on matter that seem to
me not to contribute to the understanding or the advancement of PCT. The
mailing list CSG-L is overwhelming (and I contribute already far too much),
and in my view should be voluntarily restricted to discussion that
contribute directly to PCT. This does include the frequently necessary
tutorials for neophytes. It doesn not normally include discussions on
the philosophy of science, except where they affect the conduct of research
into psychological phenomena.

(3) If anyone wishes to continue this thread, I think it is, for a short while,
appropriate to do so publicly, on CSG-L.