Problems with CSGnet conversion

The conversion from CSGnet email (on a Sympa listserv) to Discourse had difficulty with ASCII diagrams and with quotations of prior posts.

Dag has preserved the ASCII diagrams in a Eudora archive and, in many but not all cases, in Word files at This URL will change as the new IAPCT website gets built out.

Quotations of prior email go awry in various ways. For example,

A quotation from a passage is often begun as a quotation, but the

continuation of it falls out into ordinary text. Sometimes, where we should see
words words words

quoted words

Instead, we see

words words >words

quoted words

There are a number of other shapes of these bumps in the road. Generally, its possible to reconstruct who said what, but it’s a distraction and can be confusing.

Another oddity: if the writer inserted at least 4 spaces at the beginning of what they wrote, that text appears as a quotation.

This is an example of a paragraph that begins with four blank spaces. There's nothing else to cause it to be highlighted. It does not wrap.

Sometimes a large portion of a post is collapsed (invisible) and can be made visible by clicking the ellipsis button at what appears to be the end of the post. The markup for this is as follows (where · is rendered as a dot of the ellipsis):

<details class=‘elided’>
<summary title=‘Show trimmed content’>&#183;&#183;&#183;</summary>
Text that is hidden.