[From Rick Marken (920511)]

David Goldstein -- I was working on a reply to your last post and I
managed to overwrite the file. I just wanted to say that I agree with
your suggestion that "resistance" in the method of levels may be more
of a skill thing than an active avoidance of going up a level.

In fact, I think one of the skills of psychotherapy may be the ability
to help someone (by knowing when to ask the right quesions) go "up a
level". It might even be something one could practice on their own;
I'd like to learn how to navigate more skillfully through my own hierarchy.
Maybe the method of levels could be the basis for a nice "self help" system
based on PCT? A book of exercises might be nice. My computer demo for the
"Behavior of perception" paper might be a way to start on the lower levels.
Are there any nice exercises one might suggest for looking at different levels
of one's own perceptual experience -- especially the top four or five?

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