Question about Powers: Making sense of behavior

Hi all,
I unfortunately lost my book mentioned in title :cry:
If you have it ready to hand would you check the chapter title and pages where Powers talks about experience and says that we experience our nerves instead of the environment, or something like that. Perhaps it was something like internal view of perception.
I need to cite it in an article I am writing - past dealine already…

And better control for this new year 2021 to everyone!


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Perhaps this is what you are looking for: “What you’re experiencing is not the object outside of you, but a set of neural signals representing something outside of you.” (p. 21)

This line and the explanation around it is indeed in a heading of the book “The Internal View of Perception” (pp. 20-26) within “Chapter 2: Perceptual Control” (pp. 17-26).

If you need that section or chapter, I can photocopy and send it to you.

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Thank you, Richard, Loyd and Eva!

I have now what I needed, no need to bother you more.