Quick guide on navigating, replying and following on discourse

Hi all,

It’s always daunting when using new platform and software. Don’t worry. Using discourse is easy and we’ve got you. In this guide, we will show you:

  1. Browsing posts.

  2. Create new posts.

  3. Subscribe this discourse so you get an email telling you new posts more frequently.

Browsing Posts

When navigating discourse, you just need to remember:

  1. the IAPCT logo on top left, and

If you are reading a post, you will see the post creator instead of the logo. Clicking it twice will take you to the home page

  1. the right column at home page.
    The IAPCT logo takes you back to home page. All latest posts created/replied are shown on the right column (Both areas are highlighted in red).

Creating New posts

  1. Click on the IAPCT logo and go back to home page.

  2. Click on + New Topic on top right (Highlighted in Yellow).

  3. A text box will pop up.

  4. Put in the title and your thoughts.

  5. Click on Create post. There you have a post created. Drafts will be saved automatically.

Subscribe and get new feed more frequently

By default, you will receive a subscription email weekly showing you new posts created in IAPCT discourse in the past week. Follow below steps to receive a subscription email more frequently.

  1. Click on your user icon on top right.

  2. Setting

  3. Go to “Email” under “Preference”

  4. Change your preference and “save changes”.