Re.: method of levels

With reference to recent posts by Bill Powers, Martin Taylor, Hans Blom on
this subject.

I didn't really try the method of levels on the 9-year-old boy because I didn't
think he could do it. Maybe I should give it a try.

My guesses about higher levels operating in this boy is not based on the method
of levels. I was trying to piece together different conversations we had at
different times.

I will try it tomorrow.

Hans Bloom (950828)--When you became aware of each voice, who was it that was
becoming aware? Wasn't it a point of view which was neither of the voices?
Wasn't it a superordinate point of view because it could hear both of the
others? In PCT terms, you " went up a level. " And that is what allowed you to
resolve the conflict. This viewpoint, which was "background" now becomes the
"figure." Can you describe or say something about the new viewpoint? If you
think of the new viewpoint as a person, what can you say about the person?

Martin Taylor (950828 15:30)--What a facinating description of your own therapy
experience! Who was it that was perceiving " crumbling structures...breaking
concrete over black bottomless pits, very scary? Can you describe that part of
you which is being scared?

I still am trying to find a way of doing the method of levels which does not
sound, feel so strange or unnatural. I will take the plunge and try it with
the 9-year-old boy. I will start with something we have talked ab out: You are
upstairs with me. Your mom/dad is downstairs. You hear a door open and close.
Tell me what this is like for you. Give me as much detail as you can so that I
can experience what you are experiencing.

I will, following the advice of Alvin Mahrer, a favorite sage psychotherapist,
audio tape the session so that I can relisten to it later.


From: David Goldstein
Date: 08/29/95, 12:10 pm
Subject: Re.: method of levels