Reality Therapy / The glum shall inherit the ea rth

[From Richard Thurman (960401.0828)]

Mary Powers (960327)

Rich Thurman (960327.1000)

   ...Glasser was really only trying to validate Reality
    Therapy by invoking a rigorous explanation for human
    behavior (PCT)

Exactly. Glasser himself was saying at the time (1980) that here
was the theory that supported and validated what he was doing.
As Bill P. has said, Glasser wrote "Stations of the Mind" in
constant consultation with him.

After reading some of Glasser's articles and early books I think I can see
when he is writing and when he is paraphrasing Bill P. (Of course I may
be incorrect that the clearer, more concise statements are Bill's ideas --
but I don't think so.)

Indeed Glasser makes quite a
point of his expertise - how he has not only explained and
adapted this highly technical theory, but improved and expanded
it (although I am told that he continues to acknowledge Bill P.
in his lectures).

To his credit, my impression is that he continues to state that RT has
been improved by PCT and Bill's insights.


Referring to my stating that we all get miffed when our pet
theories/beliefs get holes punched in them:

Rich - you did look glum at that meeting. What were the two
sentences and the question? :wink:

This always amazes me. People say I look glum (or worse) all the time. I
think that when I am pondering something important I must frown a lot.

Also, I dislike very much to be focused on in groups larger than 5 people.
On all those personality scales, I always max out the scale on
"introversion." A couple of months ago I was in a management training
course and I had to take the "Myers-Briggs Type Indicator" (for the
umpteenth time). Out of 70 people, there was actually someone who was
more introverted than me. He was a real wall flower! I hope I'm not that

I think people take me the wrong way. When pondering PCT I may look glum/
sullen/standoffish, on the outside, but on the inside I feel like Julie
Andrews standing in a beautiful alpine meadow singing "The hills are alive
with the sound of PCT...."