Recurrent misconceptions

Interesting Richard. Do I disturb your perception of understanidng PCT? Tell me do you agree with Ricks main RCT postulate :

  1. People are naturally protectedfrom disturbances. Ricks negative control loop in every moment produce “protection from disturbances”. So it means that bullits and bombs are physical distrubances and people are protected from these sort of influences. Why people die in wars and other shootings if by Ricks theory they are “protected from disturbances”?

  2. All sequences in RCT (Ricks Control Theory) happens at the same time . So input and output happens at the same time. Can you tell me for one example where this “control loop occurs”. Does it seems logical to you input and output could happen at the same time?

Thank you for highlighting fundamental misconceptions about control.

  1. No one claims that control is invincible. The influence of a disturbance on the controlled variable may be greater than the influence of the control system’s output. No defense is invincible. The invaders rolled right in with their tanks, but the Polish cavalry on horses did indeed defend their country.

  2. Yes, each variable around a control loop determines the value of the next continuously, with no significant lag. One who believes in the step-by-step concept of T.O.T.E. cannot be dissuaded by verbal description because in the descriptive order words refer to one variable at a time.
    “I shall not waste your time trying to prove that such beliefs are mistaken; I shall simply show you that they are. Whether that is sufficient is beyond my control.”
    –William T. Powers, Living Control Systems III: The fact of control, p. 42.