Religous Theory

From [Marc Abrams (2005.10.27.2122)]

Along with my theory of scientific proof. That is, anyone currently advocating a theory of science should avoid any conflicts with others over ‘proofs’ until we meet our maker who is the only entity who can with certainty determine the truthfulness of any claim anyway.

Until that time lets just try to get and work with the best set of theories for a given problem we can all come up with.

As a corollary; Since the difference with most religions is how they differ on what one might expect after death, lets wait to settle which religion is best until we can actually determine that after death.

In the meantime why not just live in peace and tolerance, not tolerance as defined by Richard Markin, but by Encarta, and the Oxford Dictionary, and when the time comes we can settle both the religious and scientific questions of who is ‘right’ and who actually ‘won’ at the same time.