repeated plea

Over the holidays, I posted a "job offer" for someone who knows PCT as
it applies to organizational behavior to do a basically free
presentation in Atlanta during mid-April (the 13th in the morning). I
repeat the plea again and hope that there is someone in the Atlanta area
who might be able to do it. I will be presenting on a different topic
during the pre-conference symposium and can therefore not do it, not
that I have the qualifications anyhow. I really see this as an
opportunity to promote PCT and to help some ESL program administrators
who are coping with very difficult situations as are all in ESL
particularly these days.

Please get back to me if you have even the remotest interest. This
being TESOL, they have given us a total of $100 for all symposium
expenses (one of the types of situations that ESL professionals are
generally up against). However, the speaker would be made most welcome,
would have a chance to proselytize, and would meet what I think will be
a very interesting group of people.

Last call....