REPLY Wisdom of Crowds (SD5319)

[From Rick Marken (2005.06.10.1445)]

Thanks for pointing this out, Dag. I now point to your demos site as the
place for PC program downloads. Try it out; it's at:





How about the writeup you (and I) put together a year ago?

Specifically for Crowd:

for all the tutorials, demos and simulations that you and I
gathered/updated/documented at that time.

I expected this work to propagate to other PCT sites, but that has not
happened. The PCT demos listed in most places are still the 1994/5
diskettes I put togetger back then.

Have you updated the Crowd demo further than what I have?

Best, Dag

At 01:46 PM 6/10/2005 -0600, you wrote:

Hi, Fred --

There is a Crowd demo, but it needs a writeup before I send it to you.
I'll do that when I get back from Phoenix late next week. Have you thought
of coming to the CSG meeting in Toronto? I would be nice to meet you.


Richard S. Marken
Home: 310 474 0313
Cell: 310 729 1400


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