research proposals

[From Richard Thurman (930317.1400)]

Rick Marken (930316.2000)

Rick your research proposal looks interesting!

I have already set up and done the basic experiment and it works like
a charm -- but there are many variations and some modeling work to
do, and that's where the PhD thesis student would come in.

I may have a (partial) solution for you concerning people to help you
setup and run the experiment(s). This summer Dr. Tom Hancock will be
a visiting professor at this lab. He is under contract to research
"adaptive feedback based on Perceptual Control Theory" from mid April
to the end of August. I think that the kinds of experiments and
and modeling you are describing would fit in with what he has in mind.

In addition I would be willing to help on an as needed basis. As you
know (from private posts) I am interested in pursuing PCT research
further. While I understand that you are actively seeking grad student
help, please don't discount people who are past that whole mess. I
for one am willing to assume the lowly position of research assistant
if it will help me get a handle on this PCT stuff. If it will help
me reorganize faster to get up close and personal with the data then
I'm willing to do it. (I can't stand the flip-flop perceptions of going
from a cause-effect orientation to a negative feedback closed-loop
orientation. Just when I think I'm getting it right I realize that I
was thinking about the situation from the incorrect perspective.)

The only stipulation I think I would need to put on the Lab doing this
type of research is that it needs to be couched in terms of training
and education. That is, any technical reports or published papers would
need to have a training spin to them.




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