Returned mail: User unknown (fwd)

Sorry it took me so long to reply. I was hard at work completing the
CT text glossary. It was interesting to hear about your study. I am
curious about your methodology and how you think it is analogical to PCT.

From what I could gather, it seems to be a fairly close fit. Your

question about the difference of PCT from other theories has started
me thinking about ways to demonstrate it. Of course, that just leads to
other aspects to bring in, like the benefits resulting from PCT, and how
they might be applied. I would find your views of how PCT does fit your
methodology very interesting. Professor Robertson at NEIU did a study on
grade control involving students in the CT course. It called for students
to set goals for grades on chapter tests and track achievement. You might
find that study interesting to what you are doing. As for me, I am
finishing up my 120 for graduation this term. More specifically, I am
"poised" for alterations that may be necessary in my life experience
portfolio under the BOG Program, and I need math and science credits in
CLEP. The other major goal this term is to make up my mind about
graduate work toward a PhD or work on a psychological management program
(which would incorporate PCT). I have extensive management experience in
a civil rights career from which I took an early retirement in 1989 when
I began a new one in psych. University life is very attractive which may
make graduate school more interesting - particularly if work on my program
could be part of it. Practicality seems imperative to whatever I am
doing; working with adults to achieve optimal success is my main interest.
I've been living my program and hope to use my reaching "optimal success"
(hopefully, I will do that) as my model for offering it to others. I do
need to earn a few dollars to supplement my annuity pretty soon, and, I
am hoping that will be incidental to graduation and "making up my mind".

By the way, where are you? I am not proficient enough at this system yet
to tell from your address.