Review of Corning

From Phil Runkel:

And now thanks to RICK MARKEN!

The attachment Rick put on in Word form is my review of Corning's
book "Holistic Darwinism." All comments welcome.

--Phil R.

corning.rev.doc (42.5 KB)


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From: Rick Marken <marken@MINDREADINGS.COM>
Date: August 6, 2006 5:30:54 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Review
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Here it is as a word document.

Hi, Phil --

Sorry, but any file that ends with .cwk is in a format that only
Macs can read. See if there's a choice for a file that ends in
just .doc or .txt, with no .cwk on the end.

Also, when you have the text up on your screen, look under File
for a choice that may allow you to "export" the file in a
different format. I don't really know what I'm talkiing about
here, as I have never used a Mac. Could some Mac user maybe give
better advice?


Bill P.

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