Review of ³Recon structing Your World View² by Bart Madden

Ref: [From Rick Marken (2014.12.04.1100)] and Frank Lenk (2014.11.21.15:46 CST)

Just a small point regarding these two statements:

FL: What I like about viewing society as being composed of perceptual control systems is that it opens up the possibility of such a small group banding together to initiate an error perceived by the larger society that results in a reorganization of it.

RM: Yes, I think this is one way social change happens. Forced reorganization. Unfortunately, this can be a very ugly way to make things change (see the French Revolution) and the result of the change is unpredictable (see the French Revolution, or any revolution for that matter).

RP: Although “forced reorganization” is one way to create an error perceived by the larger society, it is not the only way that a small group banding together can create error that results in reorganization of society. At least one other way is to share information relevant to important references of many people in the larger society. For example, small groups of scientists, media reporters, politicians, etc. who initially shared information about HIV/AIDS, the Watergate scandal in the USA, and “swiftboating” propaganda about Kerry during his earlier US presidential campaign all helped to create errors of perception that affected broader society.

RP: As the last example above indicates, such information need not necessarily be accurate to have an effect on what people in society do. However, the point is that sharing information with others can result in reorganization that is not forced.

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From: Richard Pfau (2014.12.05 10:30 Nepal Time)]