Rick and Tim's new paper

David Goldstein (2014.10.29.1620)

Dear CSG friends,

I just wanted to recommend that you take a look at this paper. It is excellent.

Rick and I have had some discussion provoked by it.

Some points that came out:

The concept of fluid versus crystallized intelligence relates to the reorganization system and the acquired perceptual hierarchy respectively.

The development of a skill, say learning to drive, involves the greatest awareness in the beginning. As the skill becomes more practiced, awareness reduces. Reorganization involvement is greatest in the beginning parts of skill acquisition.

Finally, the reorganization system may involve two components--an automatic, genetically based part and a voluntary part. This idea came out of a discussion that Bill Powers and I had about a case on my website--www.dmghelpcenter.com. The case was the one of AF and the diagram is on page 22 of 25.

If there is any interest in these ideas, I would be glad to discuss the further.

David Goldstein, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist (NJ/PA)


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