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Comments on <[Bill Leach 950614.20:59 US Eastern Time Zone]:

You emphasized the spelling, leading me to assume you had some special
reason for it. Apparently you did not. In addition to "consistent,
repeatable, causality," for effective communication it seems desirable to
use "standard" spelling -- unless a reason for the difference can be stated.

Sorry. I guessed wrong in this case.

Sincerely, Bob Clark

<[Bill Leach 950619.03:03 U.S. Eastern Time Zone]

<Bob Clark (950618.1648 EDT)>

No, indeed my use of a "q" vs. a "g" was entirely unintentional.

There are a fare number of words that I am aware that I frequently

I use a programming editor for email. This editor's advantage is that it
has a REXX interface port which makes it possible to have the editor
function as a part of an email system. Its' disadvantage is that there
is no spelling or grammer checker present.

It should be possible to use the same REXX interface capability to
implement a spelling checker, however I would have to write the code and
my inclination is not great.

When writing letters, reports, training materials, etc. I do use a word
processor and of course perform a spelling check. If my 'carelessness'
that you seem to perceive in my writing on the net is offensive or
annoying to you, I will refrain from commenting upon any of your postings
until such time as I have such interface software in place and in use.