SALES LETTER - RKC continued

[From Dag Forssell (931211 2000)] Bob Clark (931209.1415 EST)

Dag, I hope these remarks will somehow, perhaps indirectly, lead to your
increasing success with your Program.

To which I replied this morning:

  Not this time, at least not yet.

After I had posted, Christine and I set out on an outing. I read your
post to her. This time the following paragraphs caught my attention:

   I find management's primary concerns, as management, are related to
resolution of conflicts. Working with people, as has been pointed out,
invariably results in conflict -- of many forms. If there were no
differences of opinion, goals, purposes, etc, that is: "conflicts,"
there would be no need for management. Everyone would do his thing and
it would all fit together.

Those who have accepted responsibility for direction, supervision,
planning, of other peoples activities are continually concerned with
conflict resolution. Conflicts arise, indeed, whenever people get
together for any mutual purpose(s).

I think I will compose a powerful opening paragraph using this as
inspiration. Thanks. Stay tuned.

Best, Dag