Science and "Faith"

This is simply an example of the equivocal use of a word, in this case

I do have "faith" that when I cross the room the floor will be there for
each next step.

I do have "faith" that there is a natural world out there, and I have
"faith" that science (i.e. physics) is the best way to approximate knowledge
of that world.

Those "faiths" are based on my evaluated experience and the well-attested
(and vigorously tested) experience of other people. (Oh, yes, I do have
"faith" that there are other people.)

But I don't have "faith" in any supernatural being. Faiths like that have
no basis in anyone's evaluated experience but are based on sheer authority
of old men, old wives, and old books.

Two really quite different things called by the same name.

Ted Cloak