Science article on negative feedback loop

[From Bill Powers (2002.11.14.1238 MST)]
Dear Bob,
Hope your projects are moving along satisfactorily. If you have time, I’d
appreciate a comment on this article in Science, for edification of the
CSG list participants and me:
Hoffman, A., Levchenko, A.,Scott, M.L., Baltimore, D. The IkB-NF-kB
signaling module: Temporal control and selective gene activation.
Science 298, 8 Nov, 2002 1241-1245.

I understand from this article that a biochemical negative feedback loop
has been identified, together with signaling molecules that can alter its
stability over a wide range. This loop apparently controls the
“expression” of some gene, though my understanding falters
right there. Could you explain more about what’s up here, so I might have
a slight chance of understanding it?

Best regards,

Bill P.


To: Bob Franza