Science vs Religion

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Greg Williams (What about the Alis and Lis and the Krishnas in the

You are so right? My apologies! I liked your thought and Paul
O'Keefe's thuought. I'd like to repeat his.....

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[From Oded Maler (921210 - according to "their" claendar)]

* [From Rick Marken (921209.1230)]


* Then a "Serb" could see that s/he is "Bosnian" too -- and
* vice versa; an Isreali could see that s/he is Palestinian, a Catholic could
* see that s/he is Lutheren and an Atheist could see that s/he is Muslim,
* etc.

Try this one:

And an elnlightened PCTer would see that he is a
blind behaviorist/cognitivist..


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