Scrooge, 1; Abnormal control systems, 0

[From Rick Marken (941113.0930)]

I'm surprised that no one commented on last Tuesday's triumph (well,
reassertion, really) of "normal" over "abnormal" control systems. It's
nice to know that we'll finally be dealing properly with all those lazy,
good-for-nothing, irresponsible, criminal control systems who are causing
all the problems for us decent, rich, tax-paying, home owning, responsible
ones. Boobus americanus has spoken. I love it!

What I love about it the most is that the loudest shouts came from the
"Christian" right, people who seem pricelessly eager to cast the first stone,
turn the other cheek -- while reaching for their AK-27, love their neighbor
(as long as their neighbor isn't a welfare mother) and do unto others without
forgiveness or kindness. I think I'll watch "The Chrsitmas Carol" with
a special feeling of satisfaction this year;when Scrooge asks if there
are not enough jails or workhouses for the obviously lazy, no-good
slaggards begging for charity, I expect the American people to rise up and
in one voice shout a heartening "No". That'll show all those abnormal
control systems-- all the one's that Newt says are represented by Bill
Clinton -- where they stand.

Ah, well. Control systems will be control systems. I suppose I should
be glad that Newt isn't blaming it all on the Jews;-)