See You All Later

[From Gary Cziko 931225.0438 GMT]

I want to let all CSGnetters know that I, the CSGnet Omnipotent, will be
away until December 30.

To make sure that the net will continue to function smoothly in my absence,
I have appointed a chorus of archangels (AAs) composed of Rick, Avery, Tom,
Martin & Chuck, with Bill P. as the Hierarchangel (HAA). They now have
special powers to bring the net back to life should technical difficulties

During my absence, I would like to encourage CSGnetters of all faiths and
non-faiths to spend less time on the net and more time with their family
and loved ones during this holiday period. This way I will also have less
mail to read when I return (not an incidential side effect from my


Complete adaptation to environment means death. The essential point in all
response is the desire to control environment.
-John Dewey