Selection of What by What?

[from Gary Cziko 941214.0418 GMT]

Bruce Abbott (941213.1820 EST) said:

I'm afraid I'm just too
used to thinking in terms of operants--behaviors defined by their common
(perceptual) consequences. While it is true that every lever-press or string-
pull is unique, the fact that we can perceive and describe them as lever-
presses and string-pulls means that there is some common denominator by which
we recognize the essential "sameness" of these acts. I took it as implicit
that these perceptions are repeatable because the behavioral output will vary
to compensate for disturbances.

Doesn't this then imply that there cannot be a selection of any behavior or
behaviors by consequences here since the behavior must continually vary in
order for the perceptual consequences of the behavior to be controlled?

And it is not the environment but rather the reference level specified
WITHIN the organism which determines the perceptual consequences of

So doesn't it make sense to see behavior as controlling consequences (PCT)
rather than consequences controlling behavior (TRT and LOE)?--Gary