September 2011 Issue of Mother Pelican


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The September 2011 issue has been posted:

Theme - *The Confluence of Gender Balance and Energy Balance*


Energy balance is a non-negotiable requirement for a sustainable economy. Likewise, gender equality is crucial for a civilized transition to sustainability. That humanity must transition from fossil fuels to clean energy (and, more generally, from consumerism to sustainability) is no longer in doubt. The question now is whether the transition will be violent or peaceful - or at least civilized. It is argued that fostering gender balance in all roles of responsibility and authority is the best way to foster a civilized transition. Gender imbalance, with only (or even mostly) men making all key policy decisions, is biologically and psychologically bound to perpetuate the violence-prone patriarchal mentality of control and domination.

Most secular institutions worldwide already know by experience that gender balance mitigates violence and enhances capabilities for human development. Religious institutions that remain attached to theologically baseless patriarchal practices are doing a disservice to humanity by reinforcing resistance to gender equality and balance. The joint and fair resolution of gender balance and energy balance issues, which not insignificantly are emerging simultaneously at this point in human history, offers the best hope for a civilized transition to a sustainable world animated by solidarity, peace, and justice. It also offers the best hope for continuing progress in integral human development.


Editorial Essay ~ The Confluence of Gender Balance and Energy Balance
Globalization and Integral Human Development - Eammon Keane
Loss of Confidence in the Current Order - Leonardo Boff
A Convenient Truth About Climate Change - David Lempert & Hue Nguyen
Sleeping with the Enemy: Economists & Polluters - Mason Gaffney
Are We Entering an Era of Concatenated Global Crises? - D. Biggs et al.
Concerning the Testicular Logic of Biblical Hebrew - Roland Boer
Toward a Post-Growth Society - James Gustave Speth
Gender Equity in Islam - Part 4: The Political Aspect, by Jamal Badawi


     Advances in Sustainable Development
     Directory of Sustainable Development Resources
     Strategies for the Transition to Clean Energy
     Tactics for the Transition to Clean Energy
     Status of Gender Equality in Society
     Status of Gender Equality in Religion

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