[From Bill Powers (981201.2025 MST)]

I've been using vinegar on my piggies to treat a fungus (doctor's
recommendation, honest). To prop up one end of the dishpan-footbath, I've
been using my big thick New English Bible. To sort of make up for that
indignity, I've taken to cracking it open at random and reading it for a
while each day. Today I ended up in Job, and in Job 34 I found the following:

Mark my words, you wise men; you men of long experience, listen to me; for
the ear tests what is spoken as the palate savors food.

Of course that means something other than what PCT means, but it just goes
to show how you can make the Bible mean whatever you want it to mean, and
serve any purpose you find useful. Good book.


Bill P.