Simple category names

I am shortening two category names.

  • Simulation, Demos, Code and Programming is changing to Computational PCT.
  • Economics, Business & Management is changing to Social Applications.

There are a number of reasons that the names of categories and subcategories should be limited to one or two words in length. Most recently, for example, we have learned that some participants want to be able to post to DIscourse from email. Simpler names help them, because the address they send to includes the category name (and the subcategory name if any).

Mak explains how to do that in the topic Creating new topic on discourse via email.

A topic is analogous to a thread in email, except that email threads notoriously wander off topic, and the email subject heading often becomes misleading. Categories and subcategories enable us to associate related topics together.

I have removed Social applications as it overlaps with the other existing and more lively category “Social”.

If there is an appetite on Economics, Business & Management, we can create a new one under social.