Simple software for doing computational modeling with PCT models

Here is the link to the my slideshow for the IAPCT conference on 9 October 2020. I presented an easy-to-use software tool called CODAP for making computational models of control systems.

Love the sliders in this thing! Looks great!

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Here is the link for my CODAP computational model of a basic control system:

Here is the link for computational model of a control system with a random disturbance:

And here is the link for a computational of two control systems that can work in competition or conflict:

Is there a limit of the amount of data rows?


Yes, the capacity somewhat limited, but I don’t know what the limits are. I can check with Bill Finzer, who wrote the program and is a friend of mine.

I checked with the programmer of CODAP, and he told me that there is no limit on the number of rows of data. However, with lots of rows of data, and laptops that are slow, the processing gets slower.

Thank you Kent
Hope to soon get time to play with it


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