Simulations and Demonstrations - YES!

^*^*^*^*^*^ FROM CHUCK TUCKER 940415 ^*^*^*^*^*^

        I wish I had the skills at programming that some of you do
        but unfortunately I have to rely on you to write the
        programs for the experiments, simulations, demonstrations
        and exercises. WHEN I HAVE THEM I WILL FIGURE OUT A WAY
        TO DO THE RESEARCH WITH THEM - AND WILL! I not only learn
        much more about the theory doing this work and I hope I can
        add to the data. With Dag's disk and having several
        programs on the University file server a number of students
        now have much more of an interest in these ideas. I am really
        looking forward with excitement in getting Bill's set of
        experiments with multiple control variables and Tom's multi-
        person cooperation experiments. My work with Rick using his
        early research is coming along quite well and I should have
        systematic data with a variety of disturbances and conditions
        by the July CSG meetings.

        I hope that everyone named on Bill's list and others will get
        involved in such efforts. I think a collective effort (which
        could develop into a collection) could make a difference in
        ours and others understanding of PCT and its applications.

        Regards, Chuck