Some revisons for the Rubber Band Experiment

%%%%%%%%%%%% FROM CHUCK TUCKER 920326 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%

This may be "out of sink" but working with my class this semester I found
several problems with the RB experiment that uses two coins (one as a target
for S and the other a target for E) with the idea that control is indirect
in the sense that another will not do something you request unless it serves
his or her purpose. The problem is that the other coin (for S's finger) is
a disturbance and interfers with the S concentrating on his or her purpose
of keeping the know over the coin. My solution is to eliminate the coins
and use a diagram with a target with a variety of letters (Clark's suggestion)
on the paper where E will attempt to place S's finger. In all trials the S
is not aware of their finger over a letter on the paper. This can also be
done on the blackboard, sheet of paper on the wall, a transperancy with
overhead projector. It is still very portable. Try it. Chuck